Tuesday, September 06, 2005


What it is peoples?? I know that i havent written in a while but hey i'm a very busy man........... Ok this entry is going to be short and sweet but here it goes.....

i'll write back in a few days but for now, i need to post my football picks( or should i say WINNERS) for this week in the NFL!!! yea baby!

here we go now keep in mind that i'm picking these with absolutely no idea what is going on right now, so this should actualy be entertaining or maybe just flat out shocking!!

thursday night- Oakland at New england........ i pick new england baby!

sundays games-
chicago at washington........ i pick washington, hey hey hold on i know i'm a cowboys fan so i should never eeeever pick washington, but hey there is something magical going on in washington this year!!!

cincinnati at cleveland...... i pick cincinnati.
denver at miami........... i pick denver here, i've just never felt good with miami. sorry flagler!!

houston at buffalo......... i pick buffalo here.. i dont know why!!

new orleans at carolina....... i pick carolina. i feel bad for new orleans with all thats going on though and my prayers are with the team and everyone in new orleans.

new york jets at k.c. chiefs........ i pick chiefs here.

seattle at jacksonville....... i pick seattle here because i just love there stadium!!!
tampa bay at minnesota..... i pick minnesota.

tennessee at pittsburg...... give me tennessee here.

arizona at n.y. giants....... honestly i could give 2 shits for this one but what tha hell i'll take the giants.

dallas at san diego........ yyeeaaa baby!!! i gotta go with them cowboys. hey better look out the defense is there!!!

green bay at detroit....... i actually thank this one will be a good one so i pick green bay.

saint louis at san fran... i take saint louis in this one.

indianapolis at baltimore........ go colts i predict a blowout here.i take colts and manning!!!

monday nights game...
philidelphia at atlanta.... i'll take vick in this one..... why??? i have no fucking clue. i'm an idiot!!

well there u have it boys. just for the record i predict i only lose 3 of these games. yyeeeaaa!!!
well good night to all and hope to see yall come back next week..

Monday, July 18, 2005

Wonderful weekend

Well once again it turned out to be a wonderful weekend. It started friday night with friday night fights at the CSA in burlington n.c. Corey edsel and myself along with fatback kicked ass in the ring despite the final outcome. I felt it was our best work as a tag team yet and am very excited to do it again. After the show was over several of " the guys" came to back to raleigh to hang out with amber and myself. It was an excelent night of laughs and wrestling reveiws on the minnie monitor. The minnie monitor by the way is little Grants little t.v. everyone hung around intil 3 or 4 am and after several beers or so the night began to wind down. Amber however began to get pretty sick just as everyone was beginning to leave. I felt very bad for her as she driffted off to sleep.

The following day was saturday and there was grant gee amber and myself with the whole day to chill, no show or anywhere to be at any time. We spent the day hanging out at the pool and that night we grilled out at the pool. We litteraly cooked , i believe about 16 pieces of chicken, 10 hotdogs, mashed potatoes and other goodies. It was one HELL of a feast. That night continued with some serious Xbox! Which by the way i once again kicked grants ass in football but for some reason my DAMN Xbox has some kind of hard drive malfunction cause it always has grant with more points than i. ( I GOTTA GET THAT SOMBITCH FIXED!)

I must add the new college football 2006 sucks! we played it maybe two minutes and said fuck it! Thats all i got to say about that. However 5 stars for i believe its called Nemco arena. That game has older games u played as a kid like for example PACMAN and so on. I gotta get that game. We were all up til 5 or 6 am playing that shits. then it was time to get some shut eye for we had a night of work ahead of us at Ryders in the country. I must say i thought brad did an excellent job with the show and i just want to thank him for letting amber and i be a part of it. Although i couldnt do much due to almost brakeing my foot in the swimming pool the day before when grant and i were trying to have a doggy paddle race. Its a long story but i'll just say it was fucking painful, but then again i dont have a great tolerance for pain but it was nasty looking. Anyway back to Ryders. I appolagize to anyone who was actualy there to see the "Box office draw" in action. Sometimes in sports injuries just keep a person from being able to compete. Especially if u are as old as i am. lol!

Speaking of sports i'm about 40 minutes away from the big yankees game tonight. Yes my yankees are just 1/2 game back from 1st place so u know i'm all glued to the game tonight. Besides for the second week my spike channel is out and i cant gat RAW. i'm pissed!!! Today was an excellent and entertaining photo shoot with Team blondage. Amber and i spent the night in greensboro with K and Kevin and was out bay the pool at 9 am to do theBaywatch blondage shoot. Let me tell u the shower scene was something else but i'll hush about all that and let amber fill u guys in over at www.amberoneal.net

Well i guess thats about it for now. I'm going to now go work on that Xbox problem that i seem to be having and then i'll chill take a pain pill drink a beer and watch them yankees... YYEEAA!!!!

Until next time............... WHO FUCKIN???????

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I know, I know...... Its about fucking time!

what it is? I know that its been awhile since i've written on my blog so i'll start by apologizing to those who enjoy reading my juicy gossip!!

First off happy belated 4th of july to EVERYONE. My holiday weekend was excellent! A huge thank you to those whom made it that way( Amber oneal, krissy vaine, kevin mathews, gee star and little grant). Amber and i took off late saturday and headed down to myrtle beach,s.c. with absolutely no place to crash but the beach itself and our vehicle. We got there sat evening and my god the place was fucking packed! I've never experienced the beach like that EVER! We hung out at the strip till 2 in the morning, which was when everything closed down for the night. then with no room to stay in we headed down the street to a public beach access. We found one to park at and we proceeded to walk out on the beach when we came across another parked vehicle just 50 feet away from actualy beeing parked on the beach. Let me tell you this was one of my FAVORITE parts of the trip. I stopped dead in my tracks looked at the vehicle and turned to amber and said and i quote " holy shit somebody's fucking". Man that fucking vehicle was rocking back and forth as if someone was attempting to turn the damn thing over! Dudes, we walked by and saw this bitch ridding this motherfucker like it was the last bit of dick she was ever going to get!!!! YOU GO YOU FUCKERS!
Anyways we ended up out on the beach found us a sand dune and layed out my sleeping bag and chilled till about 6 in the morning. during our stay on the beach the security for that area later came up on his truck saw that there was a bunch of people chillin on the beach so he didnt say a word and he left. About a hour or so later these 2 guys came walking by and one of them said hey man is that 2 people over there, talkin about amber and i, and says damn sure is come on lets go shake some hands. LOL! that shit was funny but you really had to be there. Anyway they said they were going down the beach jumping in peoples pools and swimming. I did alot of crazy things when i was 18-20 yrs of age but i never did that. We ended up going back to the truck about 6am and sleeping in the truck intil we were wakwen up at 8:30 by a police officer. he told us we couldn't sleep in our vehicle so we got up went ate breakfast and headed to the beach for the day. We came home sunday night and monday the 4th we met up with krissy and kevin and headed down to Carowinds where we had the greatest time ever. We spent the whole day riding rides and chillin at the waterpark and then when the park closed at 10 we litteraly watched 1 and a half hours of fireworks. They were the best fireworks display that i have EVER seen!! Alot of other fun stuff took place that night while we were waiting for the traffic to die down to leave but i'll let amber tell you all about that in her diary over at her website www.amberoneal.net

We finally left the park and amber and i went to spend the night with 2 of our greatest friends in the world grant and gee! Grant and i caught up on some Xbox football, which i completely kicked his ass at, although the score proved otherwise. then we crashed and headed back home tuesday. I just want to thank you guys for everything including the dryer that you let us borrow. Yes amber and i only had a washing machine and they had an extra dryer so we stole it!! YYYEEEAAAA! Anyway when amber and i buy our own u guys are welcome to borrow the one we have now.LMAO!!!!

Well thats about it for now. i promise to write next week also for those of you JACKOFFS who eagerly await my stories. Until next time........ WHO FUCKIN???????

much love

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

FINALLY.... the "box office draw" has written!!!!!!

what it is?? what it is?? I have actualy found some time to write in my blog. WOW!!! Let me start off by appologizing to those who actualy keep up with my blog. Amber and i have been very busy moving to Raleigh and i just couldnt find the time to spend on the computer not to mention that it took a while to get my internet account transfered to our new address. But hey all is well and yam is back in action!!! Yes we found us an appartment and we are now in the big city of raliegh. there are a few positives to the move, such as we now have a much nicer place. we are also closer to the clubs. YEEAA!!! the only negative although it is a HUGE one is that we are no longer close to my dog Shane " Hurricane" helms. hey dont worry kid cause now we can hit the clubs, get er done and drive just 5 minutes up the road and crash at my pad instead of driving 30 minutes to smithfield.

how about movies? yea lets talk movies. as u may already know amber and i are movie lovers. thought i'd fill you in on a couple of great movies that i've seen recently. The movie " Guess who" is an excellent movie. constant intertainment!! Another great movie is "assualt on 13th precinct". It has non-stop action packed adventure!! Now one movie that just didnt live up to par was " Son of the mask". Man that movie was terrible! Hey i knew that Jamie kennedy couldnt live up to Jim carey if you know what i mean. I havent seen "Star wars" yet but an excellent source told me that it ROCKS!!! I deffinately gotta check it out. I also heard that "the longest yard" was non-stop laughter. Ill also have to check that one out. If anyone knows of any great movies please fill me in. Dont hold out on a brother!!!

how about some wrestling?? There is always time for wrestling if ya know what i mean. The CWF is back in burlington at the CSA this saturday night and yes the BOX OFFICE DRAW will be there. I'm not exactly sure what they have in store for me but hey, i'm always excited to do whatever they ask. I also want to take the time to mention how proud i am of amberballs. Her new site www.amberoneal.net is doing wonderful so far and man amber has worked very, very hard to get her site right not to mention all the work her webmaster lexy fyfe has put into it. Thanks lexy for everything. The site looks incredible. Amber i am proud of you girl. You set a goal and you have busted your ass to get it. Much, much continued success.

How about Team blondage?? Man those girls are awesome!! I just got off of a road trip with them and man are they a blast to travel with. We left fri morning for lancaster s.c. on to columbus g.a. sat nightand man let me tell you it was a weekend full of laughs. Thanks krissy and amber for the memories. Well i guess i'm going to get out of here and try out this gym or fitness room they have here at the complex but before i go i just want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the family of the person who died in the wrestling ring this past weekend. I'm not sure exactly who it was but i got word of it this past weekend.

Well i'm out to get my swell on and then amber and i are going to watch the movie "boogieman" later. I guess i'll catch yall next time, hopefuly sooner. LOLOL!!! Until next time.... WHO FUCKIN???


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

And the NEW tag team champions........

And the new tag team champions are ROSEY and the HURRICANE! Yea! Yea! Congrats to my boy the hurricane for winning the tag team titles on sunday nights PPV Backlash. A well earned and DESERVED victory for both guys.

I now want to take a few moments to mention the death of pro wrestler Chris Candido. I know you all have heard so much about this but i wouldn't feel human if i didn't speak on this dramatic happening. I didn't have the oppertunity to know the guy personaly but man i really enjoyed watching him work. Not knowing him makes me feel as if i missed out on something in life. Man just thinking about the way he passed due to post surgical complications, i cant help but think of my sole mate amber when she had her knee surgery, just how lucky we all are and how lucky i am to be able to wake up in the morning and lean over and kiss her and know that she is still hear. We will all miss and NEVER forget Chris Candido!

Today was a better day. For starters i woke up not feeling quite as sore as i did the last 2 days. As you may know, sat night was the CWF show in wentworth n.c. That night i battled the American Steel Ninja which afterwards i felt as if i had been in a car wreck! Yea Ninja was tough but like i always say, no one can hang with the BOX OFFICE DRAW! I warned you Ninja. I told you not to show up but you did anyway and now if you have awaken yet, LOL, you know not to step back in the ring with the BOX OFFICE DRAW!

I mentioned at the top of this entry about my boy winning the tag titles sunday night. Man i watched that PPV and i got to tell you i thought it was rather good as a whole but what was even better is the fact that last nights RAW was really, really good also. Not to mention the best part was Rosey and the Hurricane retainning the titles. Shawn Michaels and Shelton Benjamin also had one hell of a match last night. man the superkick finish had to be one of the greatest ones i've ever seen! Shelton is most definately visiting the dentist today.

This weekend is only a few days away and amber will be leaving me for the entire weekend. She is flying out fri morning to philly for a wrestling event and will be returning sunday evening. Man i will be lost the entire weekend without her.Hurry home baby.

Well i guess thats all for this week. I gotta run for now but if anything incredible accurs i'll be sure to write and let you all know. Ohh yea and a shout out to my friends Grant and Gee. How was the hook-up? YEEAAA!!! Aight i'm out so until next time, WHO FUCKIN???


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

sometimes i wonder......

Hey hey hey! just four days away ........

What it is? We are only 4 days away from the big CWF show in Wentworth n.c. I am so excited! I finally get to get my hands on the American steel ninja. Man i've been waiting for this for 2 weeks now. Ninja, im giving u a fair warning... You better bring all u got, numchucks,throwing stars,stinkbombs,granades and anything else u can get your hands on.

Now back to the title of this entry-Sometimes i wonder.... man i just got my laptop back and while it was in the garage so to speak i've been using ambers computer to write in my blog. today i go to write this weeks entry and low and behold i freakin forget my password! aint dat a bitch! anyway after hours of trying to figure it out i contact the bloggers support office and bygod its something that i say everyday.LOL! Hey, u know what they say.. DRUGS ARE BAD! well hey im just glad i have it now so i can continue to bring you all interesting news each week or atleast intil i forget it again.Humm maybe i'll write it down this time. Yea thats a good idea!

It seems that i upset a fan last week with my entry were i commented on the fans reaction at the CSA that week. this is what i have to say to that particular fan.... continue your crying cause the world will never run out of tissue. No seriously i dont agree with anything the fan had to say although i promise to bust my ass sat night so the crowd will have no reason not to react to my match. as far as the CWF goes i really believe that every show they have done everything in their powers to put on a great show for the crowd and i KNOW that Wentworth will be no different. so heres to all the workers in the back.. go get em guys as you always do.

Amber and i didnt get to make it to the beach this past weekend due to the weather. YES i know that in my last entry i promised her that the weather wasn't going to mess anything up and well i was wrong. sorry baby. i'll make it up to you! We did try to go out to the clubs in the big city of raliegh. that also was a disaster! I took her out to eat seafood at 42nd street oyster bar and by the time we got to the clubs we were hurling in the toilets! the food made us terribly sick. FUCK the oyster bar.lol!

well i gotta run so ill catch up to u all next week if not sooner. til then much love to all and peace out. oh yea one more thing... thanks for the support bart simpson. He knows whom i'm talkin about. much love man!


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It's me, it's me, it's ... M. I. K. E.!

YO! YO! Bitches and gentlemen. What it is? Well i figured it was time for yet another entry. I'll start off by saying only 3 days left before amber and i head off for vacation. Yes, we are going to the beach for the entire weekend. W e are both very excited and cant wait to get there. You know they say there is possible chance for rain there this weekend but man i would give anything i mean anything for it to be beautiful and sunny cause i know just how much AMBERBALLS is looking forward to this vacation. Dont worry baby it'll all be perfect, i promise.

Yep it was another interesting night at the CSA (Thats Carolina Sports Arena for those of you whom are unfamiliar). The BOX OFFICE DRAW was once again in attendance and man i'll tell ya I was completely satisfied with everything that i was involved with. Although I do have one HUGE, HUGE complaint... That being the fucking house. lol! They suck! You know, back at Fairchild that weekend when Gimini and I had the knuckles on a pole match, they all pretty much left early and you know thats all cool cause you can kinda blame that on hte booking that night. I mean Don and Rocky should of been main that night but oh well. Then this past saturday half the normal crowd wasnt even there and those that were just sat there like nots on a log. I mean i'll be honest with you, the way that crowd was sat, hell I would of rather sat in a chair and watch fucking paint dry!LOL! Anyway, maybe the crowd will get better and maybe they want, but one thing is for sure and that is "when you love wrestling, you love it!"

Well,I started a new workout in the gym last week. It is a workout that the ROCK does and man let me tell you. It's doesn't involve very heavy lifting but by the time you are through your muscles are freakin killin ya! I chose this workout cause it targets some muscle that i havent been targetting very well lately. Man this week my entire body feels like it needs to be stretched for miles. you know kinda like that stretchable INCREDIBLE HULK doll that you had when you were a kid. Oh come on now atleast every HULK fan had to of had one of those, i know i did. Speakin of new dolls, there is a new Hurricane doll out. Man its awesome it's the one where you beat up on it and it says all of the Hurricanes catch phrases. If you dont have one, i suggest you check em out.

well Amber and i got 3 new movies tonight. We got Electra, Meet the Fockers and I'robot. Man i hope these are good! We have been getting some pretty SHITY ones here lately.Yep i gotta run, it's blunt rolling time! Oh yea and by the way for those of you whom are interested and those of you that are not... the Mikael Yamaha JOBS TOUR did continue this weekend in the CWF. BOOOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOO! lol! I forgot to mention that earlier and hell that was the most important part. I'm out and untill next time WHO FUCKIN?

Much love